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Published on 8/22/2016 additional information available

A man with no name and no memory finds himself in a world without a past or a future

# Nostradamus
# Apocalypse
# Survival. World War
# depopulation
# Science fiction

A Time of Uncertainty

The Third Book of the Mabus Chronicles

Now available in printed and ebook formats

Imagine waking up alone in a dark, damp rubble, nearly naked, with a broken leg. Then, imagine having no idea of how you got there, why your leg is broken, or even your name or past.

The man with no name must rely on base instinct and intuitive survival skills dredged from forgotten memories to escape his ‘prison’ and survive in a world gone mad.

He faces displaced predators, human and otherwise, as he attempts to live long enough for his leg to mend. He finds the world is ‘out of sync’ and virtually destroyed, he watches birds that have forgotten how to fly and lions that hunt humans.

From his observations, the human race has devolved into a predatory species, seeking out victims wherever possible.

As the days pass and he regains strength, he scavenges food and supplies from the devastated landscape, while avoiding the human and non-human predators. From his observation point, he sees strange and exotic creatures that are not native to earth. In the skies above him, he sees four moons where he is positive there should only be one; the stars also seem oddly unfamiliar.

Eventually, being attacked by a variety of predators, he takes to the trails in search of his identity and purpose as he tries to understand this unnatural world. In time, he finds others to travel with and finds a purpose and a surprising love, but fate tears her from his grasp and he must search for and rescue the woman he loves.

This book is available in printed or a wide variety of ebook formats

(Available formats:  epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt, html)

Available at:

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