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Published on 8/17/2016 additional information available

A Time of Uncertainty

# Nostradamus
# Apocalypse
# Survival. World War
# depopulation
# Science fiction

A Time of Uncertainty

The Third Book of the Mabus Chronicles

Now available in printed and ebook formats

Mabus has succeeded in destroying humanity. Millions have perished as he used alien technology to merge two worlds in parallel universes. In these worlds being torn apart by the merging process initiated by Mabus, groups of isolated adventurers and survivors struggle to find loved ones and stop Mabus’ insane plans for the subjugation of the remaining life on the merged planets. 

Those few survivors of the first Mabus onslaught find that they must battle wild animals, exotic alien creatures and the remnants of the human race from Earth as they explore the constantly changing combined worlds of Earth and Laithra. The ultimate motivational force behind each adventurer is to find their loved ones and to thwart Mabus in his continued use of Binnean technology to inflict his wrath on all life.

Becoming aware of the threat that some of the adventurers pose to his plans, Mabus unleashes his drones, robots, and alien allies to find them and bring them to his palace to face his justice. With the aid of Binnean science, he has programmed assassins whose sole purpose is to seek out his enemies and destroy them.

While miniscule pockets of humanity struggle to survive, Mabus strengthens his strongholds in the effort to remain as World Emperor. As the world collapses, he rebuilds the Capitol into a castle while imposing never-ending taxes and demands on the survivors. His goal is to ensure his own personal power and comfort at the expense of all humanity.

The small groups of adventurers find that they must consolidate their forces and work together to overthrow the dictatorship before it takes root too strongly and all hope is lost forever.

This book is available in printed or a wide variety of ebook formats

(Available formats:  epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt, html)

Available at:

Kindle -    


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