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Published on 10/24/2019 additional information available

How Digital PET/CT is Driving Clinical Insights to Improve Care

#Digital PET/CT

A Radiologist explains how digital PET/CT helps to improve cancer care.

Irving, TX – October 24, 2019 – Digital PET/CT plays a key role in cancer diagnosis, staging, monitoring, and treatment. With the growing innovations in technology, vast improvements have been seen in quantitative accuracy, volumetric resolution, and sensitivity. Digital PET is optimizing the experience of both technologists and patients to help inform the next course of action.

"The advancements in PET/CT imaging offers cancer care teams the opportunity to manage cancer treatment doses, reduce the time of scanning, and detect small lesions accurately," explains the radiologist. "Clinicians now have an easy time using digital PET/CT in various cancer processes to improve patient care."

Here are some of the milestones digital PET/CT has achieved:

  • Setting new imaging standards – Using digital PET/CT, clinicians are now able to provide clinically sound and cost-effective treatment to patients. The new, improved digital PET/CT imaging provides enhanced sensitivity to identify and characterize small cancer lesions, aid in monitoring and treatment of cancer.
  • Accurate staging of cancer – In patient care, accurate staging is very critical. All cancer treatments, whether chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery, are determined by staging the disease. The ability of digital PET/CT to detect smaller lesions and their metabolic activities, doctors are able to determine their predictive value and offer the best course of action. They can classify patients for treatment according to their cancer stage.
  • Enhancing patient care with reduced PET doses–The digital PET/CT enhances patient care by reducing the scan time. This provides patient comfort, high-quality images, and improves clinical throughput. It also uses low doses of radiation that ensure quality patient care.

“The benefits from using the technologically advanced PET/CT are enormous,” explains the radiologist. “This allows us to better detect and characterize cancer and help us change patient management and improve cancer outcomes. The digital PET/CT is indeed driving clinical insights to help clinicians continue to enhance patient care.”

About PET/CT of Las Colinas

PET/CT of Las Colinas is dedicated to the care and wellbeing of our patients. We understand that the foundation of a successful treatment plan – or a clean bill of health – begins with sophisticated, accurate imagery. We look forward to providing you with the highest level of care. Our imaging center is located conveniently across the highway from the Las Colinas Medical Center within the Las Colinas Cancer Center on Highway 161 in Irving, TX. and – once here – we offer hassle-free curbside parking.

Contact Details:

PET / CT of Las Colinas
7415 Las Colinas Blvd, Suite 110
Irving, TX 75063
Phone: 214-379-2790

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