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Published on 10/28/2019 additional information available

Top Tel Aviv hotels to visit in 2020

#best hotels tel aviv

If you are traveling to Tel Aviv, then you’d need accommodation there. Whether you want an economical room or a 5-star hotel, this article will help you find the best places to stay in Tel Aviv.

1. Cinema Hotel, Dizengoff Square

 The Cinema hotel is one of the most famous places to stay and enjoy the vibes of Tel Aviv. It is situated in Dizengoff Square and is about 5 minutes walk from the nearest beach. As the name suggests, this hotel is based on the theme of Cinema and movies. The reception has live projectors, and the rooms have movie posters. The visitors enjoy the projection of local films in the lobby where popcorn and soft drinks are served.

2. The Poli House

 The Poli House is situated in the Rothschild Neighbourhood which is located in the center of Tel Aviv. This hotel has a unique combination of modern and Bauhaus design. The rooms and facilities are top-notch, and this place is quite popular among the tourists visiting Tel Aviv. You’ll have to make your booking 3-4 months in advance if you want to stay here. It is in a prime location and is considered among the best hotels tel aviv. It has a rooftop swimming pool that is adored by visitors.

3. 65 Rothschild Hotel

 65 Rothschild Hotel is also located in the Rothschild area. The cylindrical shape of this hotel building gives it a unique taste. The interiors of the hotel are classy. This hotel is ideally suited for newly married couples as the views from the rooms are breathtaking making it a very romantic and picturesque destination. The windows are made up of panoramic glass which makes the views even more dominant in the overall design.

4. Hilton Hotel

 Hilton hotel is located on the beachside of Tel Aviv, which makes it a bit expensive, but a spectacular experience to have. The hotel provides a delicious breakfast buffet, and you will not be complaining about the professionalism of the staff. They are well trained, and the rooms are well cleaned and have ample facilities. This hotel has more than 550 rooms so you can imagine how big it is. When you are not hanging out at the hotel facilities you can play volleyball on the beach or go for a swim.

5. Shalom Hotel and Relax

 If you are a beach person but can not afford the Hilton hotel stay, Shalom hotel has got you covered. It is a small but luxurious hotel and is considered one of the best Tel Aviv hotels that are near the beach. You can enjoy a beautiful sunset from the terrace of the Shalom hotel. As the name suggests, you can relax for days in this hotel without spending too much.

6. Market house hotel, Jaffa

 The Market House is located in Beit Eshel Street, Jaffa. Jaffa is known for its flea market, and you can see some of its effects on the hotel interiors too. The atmosphere in the hotel is just magical and can be found nowhere else. All the rooms have balconies which can give you a direct view of the marketplace. In the lobby, you can enjoy some quiet time with a journal or a book, and look through the glass floor at the ancient relics of old Jaffa. Another treat is the Milk bakery that shares the building with the hotel - it is an artisan patisserie that is sure to satisfy your sweet cravings.

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