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Published on 10/28/2019 additional information available

Tips for visiting Israel in 2020

#hotel in Jerusalem

Israel is THE place to visit in 2020 if you’re planning a trip abroad. This land has a variety of things to offer to its visitors - from tasty delicacies to historical cities. From the white city of Tel Avi to the old city of Jaffa - you won’t be disappointed with the vibrant culture of Israel. 

 Here are some tips on where to go if you’re planning to visit Israel in 2020:

?      The city of Jaffa is one of the oldest cities in the world. The Ottoman-era building architectures and port area make the city even more beautiful. This place is famous for its flea market, old constructions, and fine dining restaurants. Yes, you heard it right- the oldest city of Israel has trendy and modern restaurants to make your travel special. 

?      OCD, Tel Aviv offers authentic Israeli cuisine, which you won’t find anywhere else. The dining experience here is just out of the world. This place is run by a young chef who makes finger-licking dishes. You won’t have to spend a lot either as the pricings on the menu are pretty reasonable.

?      Make sure to visit the Coral beach in Eilat. It is one of its kind and has an underwater observatory. There is a shark pool as well if you are interested in seeing sharks swimming around in synergy. You can also book accommodation near the corral beach in Eilat as it hosts the best of Israel beach hotels.

?      Camp overnight in the deserts at Timna Park. Timna Park is a beautiful place to be one with nature. It spreads out for over 15,000 acres where you’ll see beautiful valleys, water bodies, and desert scenery. Make sure to check out Solomon’s Pillars and The Arches for they are some of the oldest rock formations you can find on the planet.

?      Plan a visit to The Wailing Wall in the old city of Jerusalem. It is the holiest place of worship in the Jewish religion. The Wailing Wall is made of limestone and is around 2000 years old. This old heritage of Israel is a must-visit if you want a complete cultural timeline as it is considered to be the remaining wall of the lat great Jewish temple in Jerusalem. Book a hotel in Jerusalem and check out the surrounding historic sites. You’ll need at least three days to check out all the famous tourist attractions in Jerusalem.

?      Tel Megiddo is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the battle of ancient Egyptians and Canaanites took place. For historians and art lovers, a visit to this place is a must. Even for frequent travelers, a visit to such a historical site will leave a lasting impression.

?      If you are visiting Israel in 2020, you must go to the lively bar of Romano, White city. All the top hotels in Tel Aviv can be found in this region so you won’t have to think twice about the accommodation issues. This bar is youthful, and its DJs playing music would be one of the best experiences you will ever have. Enjoy the tap beer with the other visitors and dance on electro mix tunes.

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