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Published on 11/26/2019 additional information available

The Benefits of Oxygen Therapy for Athletes

#benefits of hyperbaric chamber

The use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber has increased exponentially in the field of sport. Many scientists and researchers have been able to determine a wealth of healing and relieving effects of using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for athletes. Below we have outlined some of the incredible uses of oxygen therapy and how it can benefit and aid athletes at different stages of their process, from training to healing after an accident or recurring injury.

What is oxygen therapy?

Oxygen therapy involves containing an athlete or individual within a tube or chamber, and sometimes even room, that is pressurized and filled with pure oxygen. Typically a session will last no longer than five hours, as being contained within a pure oxygen environment for too long can cause oxygen toxicity. A chamber will typically hold one person, whereas a room could hold a number of individuals, and even a small team of athletes.

How does it help in healing the body?

Oxygen therapy helps to promote the regeneration of cells and muscle tissue, it also helps in increasing the ability of the blood to hold a higher volume of oxygen. With more oxygen the bodies ATP production flourishes, which helps to provide energy. It also helps to flush away excess lactic acid. It also increases brain functioning in the form of concentration and decision making.

So, what are the benefits of using a hyperbaric chamber for athletes?

The benefits of hyperbaric chamber for athletes are varied, from aiding endurance to speeding up recovery.


With a higher concentration of oxygen in the blood, athletes are able to perform better and longer. Many elite football players and even Olympians utilize oxygen chamber therapy to increase their performance and endurance whilst competing and training.

 Increased brain function

 With an increased supply of oxygen to the brain, athletes can become more focused and decisive whilst playing competitive sports. Their concentration also improves which can be useful in maintaining focus whilst training as well as competing.


Hyperbaric oxygen chambers have been used for decades in providing treatment to scuba divers and free divers suffering from decompression sickness. As scientists have now discovered other benefits of hyperbaric chamber use in the form of healing and promoting recovery, it is now widely used in the sports industry. It helps athletes bounce back more quickly from injuries, sprains, or surgeries they may have required.

The benefits of oxygen chamber therapy have been recognized by a wide range of sports and athletes. Many famous sports stars have revealed their training and endurance secrets to the world, which has sparked a global interest in oxygen chamber therapy. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is the ability to heal more quickly. Not only has this been used to great effect in the medical industry, but it is also now permeating into the successful treatment of athletes too. Sports injuries can have a huge effect on an athlete’s career, they may miss games or tournaments due to injury, however, with an increased rate of recovery, this is a game-changer for athletes.

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