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Published on 8/20/2019 additional information available

We have Our BB Sport On Sale

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5 BB Sport Special - Save Over $289 Special Ends Soon

You get 5 BB Sports in this SPECIAL for only 

$39.95 + a one time $20 activation fee

Total Due Today $59.95

 then the following month -

only $25 a month service fee for all 5 BB Sports 

including the 50 mile radius Advertising for each.

That is a savings of $10 each a month!

The Immediate Radius Is 150 feet all around from the location of the BB Sport

‘BB SPORT is an all-weather, long-life proximity beacon. Rugged and water resistant enclosure making it capable of withstanding most temperature and weather conditions. 

‘The BB SPORT is implemented in a lightweight package that is powered by a rechargeable battery. It comes complete with the Unit, Wristband, keychain holder and USB charging cable.

You get 5 BB Sports in this package. Colors chosen at random. This unit has a one time Activation Fee and a Monthly Service Plan fee. No Contracts, Cancel Anytime. You Own The Unit(s) $39.95 + $20 one time activation with a $25 monthly service fee for all 5 units.’

For no additional charge, you will have access to all of the options of the GAN advertising network:

  • Your immediate local radius of 150 feet

  • Or a 50 mile local radius from the location of the beacon

  • Or program any zip code or postal code anywhere in the world into the beacon, and then throw it in a drawer 

  • Plus your Ads will be seen on up to 6000 websites online within a 50 mile radius of that Zip Code.  Such as Social Media, News Media, Games, Blogs, Search Sites, EMail Sites, Video Sites and more.

Radius Targeted Online Advertising 

What does all of this mean? 

Your Beacons will be the most powerful advertising device you have!

‘We can now GUARANTEE you VIEWS of your ads. It also means that your ads will now be seen on all devices! So not only will you be advertising to those around your Beacons, but you will now be advertising online to everyone within a 50 mile radius of your Beacon or entered zip/postal code.’

You get a back office so that you can track the performance of your strategy, change your message in minutes, stats, When you get a lead you will be notified immediately Tools such as autoresponders  and much more.


The need for a mobile strategy is slowly gaining ground with Small Business Owners and Internet Marketers. Most entrepreneurs are already there. 

But if you take a moment to look at the trends of what is coming, then running an ad on mobile is only half your answer. 

‘Not only has the number of mobile-only internet users overtaken desktop-only, but app usage has also surpassed desktop usage.’ 

‘Recent research shows that 90% of time spent on phones are spent in apps, and only 10% browsing the rest of the internet.

In the ecommerce space, the contrast is even more glaring: mobile app users spend an average 201.8 minutes per month shopping, compared to 10.minutes/month for website users.’

‘As a result of this shift, companies are rethinking their mobile strategies’. 

‘There Is A Truism In Marketing, "Be the first" and you have a far better chance of controlling your market share.’

‘The beacons have an App Rotator that rotates through 5000 apps per hour with over 1.2 million apps in the que.’ Randy Thomas, Co Founder - Genusity

Genusity Is Already There

Genusity Has The Strategy In Place And Ready To Go

Genusity Has You Covered

Thank you for stopping by!

Micky Gramlin




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