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Howdy from Huntsville Alabama...good ole rocket city. If you are ever nearby come check out the largest space museum in the world. See the Saturn 5 (took astronauts to the moon) rocket, the shuttle (Path Finder) and more. Ride Space Shot and feel what it's like to be launched. Wow!

I'm Allen, and I would like to introduce myself as a jack-of-many-trades. I grew up tearing watches apart and trying to get them to work again because I loved to learn what-makes-what-tick. 

That carried on in life from electronics jobs to auto mechanic school then later in life for a heating and air conditioning repair course and's been learning to rank my local carpet cleaning site to the top of Google along with building my social media channels. 

It's been a very busy life for a couple of years but my last couple marketing tools I ran into gave me my life back. Free Traffic from 4 High Traffic platforms on Organic Search Auto Pilot finally! These lovely software tools have put a smile back on my face, allowed me time out of the service van etc. And now I have that time to practice upscaling what I have.

It's A Rainy, Freezy 2018 Winter For Carpet Cleaning

It has been a busy two years now with steady growth for the business and then all of a sudden...the weather turns against me. Actually I can use the break from all the busy and focus on a winning Facebook ad for the business now. 

That's right, I wanted to know what-makes-facebook-ads-tick too LOL. It is going to be pixels, building audiences, trying different ad types, testing, tweaking till the million dollar business is built :)

Wealthy Affiliate, Clickfunnels And Webfire, I couldn't Have Done It Without You!
I like my internet marketing tools to be jacks of all trades too. It takes time finding the real deals out there. When you find the right ones for you they should be an army of bits n bytes working for you for the money. 

It can get expensive trying tools and software that don't work, need an upsell or even worse requires a massive amount of time to get through the learning curves using it. Not to mention missing a major task and leaving you hanging on your own.

I like learning new things and Faster ways to get traffic to my offers. It took a lot of trial and error and tons of money lost on lessons and tools along the way. I don't want this to happen to you. I have a huge respect for someone who decides they want to build an online business. I want you to start out of the gate with powerful tools for the game. (check out my recommendations links Below...


Some of my past and present trades include:
  • Heating and air 
  • Auto mechanic 
  • Professional carpet and upholstery cleaner 
  • Indoor air purification and odor control 
  • Webmaster 
  • Seo 
  • Search engine optimization 
  • Website and blog analyst service! (This pdf showing what your site needs $37 Limited Time!) Info me!
  • Funnel Hacker
  • Email marketer
Today, two of my main focuses are time management and marketing optimizations.
Yep, that's saying a mouth full. I hope to become a jack of that trade too :)
     A few years ago I decided to focus on building my local carpet and upholstery cleaning site, learn seo and drive more residential customers to it. In one year most of my top keywords were first page on Google and ranked 1 to 5 on searches. But along the way to victory I tried things that made that journey harder than it needed to be. 

For instance; I started my site out of the gate going for the top keywords in my niche before Google could notice any substantial traffic to it. Not a wise move. So, I learned to back off those keywords some to less competitive ones (Webfire showed me those ;)

 ...least till the timing was right. Slowly the free traffic started coming but running a Webfire analysis of my site revealed my final steps to rock my site to the Big Dogs traffic. It was one of the happiest days in my life! Steady phone calls with Free Traffic! Webfire helped to propel the number one searched keyword (I had backed down from) from bottom of first page to number two all while boosting rankings for the others.

Good seo business is having the right online marketing tools or having it outsourced. I found that right tool for me. I'm so sure it will be right for you how ever you market online. You will learn along the way how it does it. You will become an seo wizard using it. It's also the most powerful social media (real time) lead generator I have witnessed. You will have to check out all the rest this monster can do for your online businesses.

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Some of the links below (under Business Links) you really ought to check out. They are going to save you tons of time and energy in their specific problem or task solving abilities. 

It took a couple years before I stumbled across these Entrepreneur Gems. I soon realized I had found some of the most fantastic Online marketing tools online and an Amazing FREE online marketing university at WA. Yes, it's totally free to learn muti-streams of income there and get two absolutely amazing web sites...FREE and lots more! You will love the value here!

Enjoy my other great finds of internet marketing tools and save a ton of time with learning curves, wasted time and money. You can come back and thank me one day :)

Your head spinning days are over!

-- Allen B 

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