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Published on 5/29/2015 additional information available

8 Ways to Save Substantial Money on Your Domestic and International Vacation with ProTravelPlus!

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Awesome discount travel packages for your summer vacation. When you join our program you will have fun making money and you will save money on all the things to make your dream vacation memorable!  

Here are four (4) reasons why many Americans don’t take a much needed vacation:

·         They have the time but they don’t have the money to pay for it.

  • ·         Some workers fear losing their job if they take off for an extended amount of time.
  • ·         The vision of a vacation outside of visiting family and friends is unimaginable.
  • ·         Often low-wage workers do not earn or are entitled to a vacation.

ProTravelPlus is a new global travel opportunity launching on June 1 2015.  As you may know, the travel industry is an $8 trillion business that is growing every year.  One of the items in many people’s bucket list is to travel somewhere.  If travel is in your bucket list, it is time to take that item out of your bucket and bring it to fruition. 


ProTravelPlus (PTP) provides something for everyone; whether you are traveling by plane, bus, car or even foot, we got you covered!


There are eight (8) major benefits you will get from PTP:

1. Book flights worldwide --- yes, you can save money on all your travel needs, even outside of the United States.   We are attracting members worldwide and we haven’t even launched yet.  Now, is a great time for you to build your local area.


2. Cruise vacations worldwide --- we offer discounts on cruise vacations worldwide.  Can you imagine saving thousands of dollars on your first or next vacation to Europe or Asia.


3.  Rental cars worldwide ----  don’t depend on public transportation on your next vacation.  Have a car, van, etc. waiting for you when you step off the plane.  You can see more and experience more when you control your transportation.


4.  Concert/sporting events  --- can you imagine going to a major concert or sporting event that you saved money on the tickets and you are paying yourself too! Football season is right around the corner! HOTDOG PLEASE!


5.  Travel essentials -  if you need passports, travel insurance, a Visa or something else to complete your travel requirements you can find it in our program.


6.  Vacation rewards network:  hotels, cruises, cars, etc. can earn you additional rewards when you schedule them through our program.


7. Vacation deals on weekly rentals – saving money on a day or two is great, but it is so much sweeter when you save on a full week. 


8.  Nightly hotels worldwide -  Holiday Inn is not the only hotel giving discounts.  We have a number of hotels for you to choose from when you schedule your vacation with us.


You will be sure to save money on all your travel needs with ProTravelPlus.  Join us as an affiliate or as a customer.  Click on the link and complete the form to take a FREE tour! 

Click here:


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