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Some days my life is really off balance!  Do you have days like that?  Yes.  No.

The word balance as a noun means an even distribution of weight keeping someone or something upright and steady  As a verb it means to keep  something steady so that it does not fall or fail.  Things are not the only thing that can be off balance.  People can be off balance too.

It is important that we find balance in our life and in the things that we do so we don't "fall or fail."  It is so easy for your life to get out of balance.  Sometimes we are trying to manage our lives, but other are tugging on us to do other things.  We can become off balance.

These are my acronyms for balance:

B for Budget

Budget implies that there is a list of things that must be considered for something to be in balance.  One should create a list and categorize them by importance.  When we just start doing without weighing the importance of something we can easily get off balance.

A or Accounting.

Accounting is a method of keeping track of money.  Money doesn't grow on trees.  Our finances have to support the things in life we want to do.  Often you might hear someone say, we have to rob Peter to pay Paul.  That's because we did not balance our money.  Sooner or later Peter is gonna want his money!

L for level-headed

Stands for Level-headed.  Level-headed people know what they want and what it takes to get theire.  They have mapped out a plan.  Tweaked it several times if necessary.  They can often recognize when a good thing is not a good thing for them.  They are focused and if they get a little off focus the come back to equilibrium quickly.

A for Assets

Assets are things of value.  Not everything has the same value. If I don't have children I can allow meetings and workshops to have more value to me.  If I have children and a family, I have to miss meetings to spend time nurturing my family.  Money does not make  family.  Love and appreciation does.

N for Nature

Nature consist of numerous systems that must stay in balance..  When nature gets out of balance we have storms and hurricanes.  Flowers will die with too much water and they will die with too little water.  The planet have to stay in perfect balance as they orbit the earth of we will burn up.   Why do we think we can function well when we are out of balance.  Strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and diabetes just to name a few of the things that happens to a body out of balance.

C for Consideration of others

Yelp, we may not follow everyone but we should be considerate and respect everyone.  If we are doing a business and they are doing a business we shouldn't get upset because they say I can't look at your products.  I don't have money to invest in that.  I am trying to stay focused.  They maybe able to do both.  They maybe able to give you support without joining them.  They can offer moral support when you fell like given-up or you feel challenged.

E for Equilibrium.

Equilibrium means things are well balanced so you are not weighed down.  Have you ever been on a see-saw.  If someone heavier than you get on the other end while you are sitting on one end they will make you go up in the air.  In the air, you can't do anything but hang there.  You can't jump off or you might get hurt.  If your feet are on the ground you can get off.  You have more control.  However, the best control is to at least be even and from there you can decide which direction you want to go more in.


I am sure you can think of some other acronyms because we are all different.  But hopefully we can agree that it is very important that we maintain as much balance in our lives as possible.

Thank you for reading and commenting!!

Jacqueline B. Edwards

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