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Published on 3/9/2016 additional information available

What Is A Replicated Website?

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What Is  A Replicated Website?

Are you in an MLM business - - - whether online or off?  I assume that many of the people that will read this press release on IBO are in an MLM.  Many of those MLMs probably provide their members with a replicated website.  What is a replicated website?

A replicated website is a website provided by the company that usually contains the same content for to each distributor.  It is designed to help distributors get sign-ups or prospects to look at their opportunity and to join the business.  Even though this sounds like a great thing the company is doing for you;  however, it is doing you a big injustice.

The replicated  website is designed by the company and it looks exactly the same for every distributor.  The only and primary difference is the inclusion of the username or identification added to the end of the link.  The color of the page, the layout, the links….everything looks the same.  This is where the problem lies because it is not unique; it doesn’t brand the distributor.  Prospects see the link and say to themselves, I have seen that before and they don’t click on the link.

Another problem with these replicated websites is that you don’t own them.  You have no control of how the company changes it and the content that they chose to allow on it.  The company can also discontinue it whenever they want. 

You will also be giving the company complete access to your contacts.  The company can contact them whenever it wants with whatever information it wants to share.  When you leave the company, you leave your contacts with them.  So much for building your list!



 The Conversion Pros Landing Page


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Jacqueline Edwards


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