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Published on 2/27/2019 additional information available

March is Heart Month!

#heart disease; high blood pressure
# cardiac arrest

March is Heat Month!


There are some months that we have been conditioned to celebrate certain things.  For example:


  • January we celebrate New Year
  • February we celebrate Martin Luther Kings' birthday, Valentines.
  • March is when Spring begins and the beginnig of Lent
  • April we recognize Apri Fool's Day.  Also the end of Lent.
  • May in the south many places have a May Day and Mother's Day
  • June we have Father's Day.
  • July 4th is Independence Day
  • August..........well back to school for most children.
  • October is Hallowen
  • November is Turkey day or Thanksgiving
  • December is Christmas.....
  • Well there are many many days we can list that are important to use and our culture.


But I want to bring awareness to March because during this month we focus on the Heart.  This is a topic that should have importance to everyone yet we often neglect that organ that sits in the middle of our chest and keeps us alice.


Please take a moment during this month to get a check-up.  Many people have no idea what there blood pressure is which can be a great determinant of the the condition of your heart.  IF your blood pressure is to high it can cause problems with your:








You can get your blood pressure checked at numerous places so there is no real excuse for not having it checked.  Many drug stores have machines that will check your blood pressure for you.  The fire department will also check your blood pressure. You can even buy a relatively inexpensive blood pressure monitor and check your blood pressure yourself.  It is better to check it several times at different times of the day.


I have written other press releases pertaining to high blood pressure that you can reference if you want more information.  I will also be happy to share any experiences I've personally had.


Be Blessed,

Jacqueline Edwards (Jackie)



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