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Published on 2/18/2019 additional information available

Hemp is Here to Stay!

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Hemp is Here to Stay!

The heading to the February 17, 2019 Motly Fool read "U.S. Hemp Revenue to Grow 27% Annually, Hit $2.6 Billion by 2022". 
There was a time when the primary people I saw or same in contact with that smoked marijuana were hanging on the corner, hidden in an alley or inside their homes hiding in the bathroom puffing on a "joint".  Now, I can drive down the street and smell that familiar odor in many places.
Sometimes I come in contact with students that smell of marijuana.  Students from affluent families that are going to school to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other executive types.  A joint is just as common to them as a cold one.
Smoking marijuana has never appealed to me and Lord knows I have had many opportunities to indulge in it if I had wanted to.  However, I believe that people that find relief from pain and other illnesses should not be denied it if it gives them a better quality of life.
In December, President Trump signed the Farm Bill, legalizing hemp in the US.  Canada legalized adult consumption of marijuana in October 2018.  Don't worry that there will be a lot of people walking around high.  The hemp oil doesn't contain high levels of THC so you can't get high from consuming it.  The primary importance of the passage of the farm bill is that it will allow businesses, big businesses to grow hemp and capitalize off of it legally.
pure oil
Hemp is showing up everywhere: lotions, pet food, creams, food, and the list gets longer every day.  
HempWorx is leading the market in CBD oil.  If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor I would encourage you to take the free tour or even get free samples of your products.  We provide the training and tools to help you be successful. Become an affiliate for less than a night out.  We have an entry level for everyone.  Take the tour and lock in your spot!
See you on the block!
Thank you, Jackie Edwards
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