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Published on 8/16/2020 additional information available

God’s Ways are not always Practical

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God’s Ways are not always Practical       

Have you ever been told that something does not make sense? Have you ever seen something work that should not have worked?  You only believe it because you saw it with your own eyes!

If you are familiar with the Bible, you might remember the story where Daniel brought down a giant named Goliath with a sling shot and a single stone.  Goliath was over nine feet (9) tall and he had wrecked terror  to the Israelite's.  He was the Philistines major weapon and David’s men were afraid of him.

But a little boy named David was not afraid.  He had great faith in his abilities and the power of his God.  David recalled all the great and impossible things that God had helped him to do. In other words, he encouraged himself by recanting the things that God had already done.  Even though it was not practical to battle Goliath with a stone, he did it. He was victorious too!

Now David was the youngest of 12 sons.  He was was not big and  or muscular.  He was scrawny thing compared to his other siblings.  I would imagine that there was even a time when he felt inferior.

Sometimes we treat the youngest child like they are fragile.  When the older boys are doing things we might say, you can’t go because you are too young.  You might get hurt.  You will just be in the way. 

What if David had that mentality?  He could have easily said, I am not going out there.  I am just a child.  He could have summed Goliath up.  I could imagine him looking at Goliath and saying he is so big.  Look at those hands and feet.  He will squash me.  Let somebody else defeat him.  I am just a child and I rather be in the field tending my little sheep.

David was a child and therefore did not think practical.  Have you noticed this in other little children? Especially, babies that will try to lift heavy things. Even though you tell them to stop or not to do something.  They will do it any way.  They do not know they cannot until they themselves have proven that they cannot.  Gee I wish I had a little bit of that spirit.

However, as we grow up and become “wiser” things must be practical. It becomes harder and harder to think outside of the box.  I wonder what we can accomplish if we were allowed a little more freedom to explore.  Time to prove that some things are wrong.

Scripture tell us that God’s ways are not our ways, His thoughts are higher than ours.  We can never think on his lever.  That is why we need the direction of the Holy Spirit.  We should seek Him even when we think what we are doing is best.  He might have a better way!

God lead me to have your vision for my life!

Thank you for reading my press release, Jacqueline Edwards

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