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Published on 2/19/2019 additional information available

Exercise Doesn't Work, If.......

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Exercise Doesn't Work,  If. . .


I was laying in bed thinking to myself that I need to get up and exercise.  I have been saying in my mind for a number of mornings, months even, that I need to get up and exercises.  Can you guess how many pounds I have lsot by laying in the bed saying to myself thqt I need to get up and exercise?  I bet you guessed it right.  Yelp, none.   You see, exercise doens't work if you just think about it.  You have to put some action behind your thoughts.  Only God can speak or think a think and it automatically comes to pass.


Exercise doesn't work by saying you are going to start today, tomorrow, or next week.  It only works if you say it and do it.  You have to at least get started.  Saying it is just a seed that starts to condition your mind for action.


go get it



Exercise also doesn't work because you are dressed in exercise clothes.  Do you know anyone that loves to wear exercise clothes?   I hate to admit it but I love to wear exercise clothes.  Mainly because they are comfortable.  Not because they are going to allow me to move comfortably when I squat, lunge, pushup, etc.  The clothes are simply a tool that allow you to move easily from one position to the other without much restriction.  



Exercise doesn't work, if you don't breath.  Yes, you could fall out and die if you don't breath.  So, why is it when you are in an exercise class the instructor will tell you to breath.  Not only will you be told to breath but you will be told how to breath!  Hmmm all of a sudden you no longer know how to breath.  What you have been doing all this time automatically, somoen has to remind you to do.  Duh!  But guess what!  Often we fail to do the simple things to lose weight and we get cramps and we stop.  Because it hurts!



Esercise doesn't work, if you don't eat right.   If you don't give the body the nourishment it needs it won't be able to to perform properly.  Matter of fact, I have heard that if you don't eat the body will hold on to the weight because it protects itself against starvation.  You have to eat properly so it will release the excess fat that it is holding.  My doctor said that 80% of my goal to lose weight will be diet.  What I eat and not what I do!  So, what I consume will effect my progress.



Exercise doesnt' work for weight loss, if you don't pursue it.  Exercsing once a week.  It has to be habitual. You have to make sacrifices of your time to exercise regularly and consistently to see lasting results.  I can workout today for an hour and lose water weight, but after  couple glasses of water the weight is back.   So, you need a plan to exercise regulary. Many people create a plan stating when they will exercise, where they will exercise, what exercises they will do and what should happen after the process is completed.



Last comment, exercise doesn't work, if you quit.  Pursueing it and quitting aren't the same.  Many people quit exercising as soon as they feel pain.  Walking is good exercise if you push your body a little. If you walk a ittle faster.  If you add some arm movements. If you add some distance.  A lot of times we quit just when when the exercising gets hard.  I know this for myself because after I quit, those body parths that were becoming condition start back to aching.  I didn't realize I was getting som much results until after I quit.  If you want the results, don't quit.





In closing, I equate exercise to success in life and especially success in business. No program or business will work if you:

1. Think about it without action.

2. Select a great program and not use it properly

3. Don't do the simple things or obvious things for success like talke to people

4. Don't give yourself the proper skills  or mindset for growth

5. Don't do sometihng daily which moves you towards your goal

6. Quit or quit too soon.


Hmmm, I don't like stopping at six (6).  The number seven (7) is a number that in spiritual concepts represent completion.  So, my number seven is if you repeat numbers one through 6 over and over again you will not get desired results.


If you are looking for a great business opportunity, take our free tour.  It will work....if you work it!  


Be Blessed!

Jackie Edwards

ID: jbedwards


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