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Published on 4/17/2017 additional information available

Do You Value an Education?

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The primary reason most people work is to be able to buy the things they want.  What we buy varies from person to person simply because we desire different things.  Some people buy houses, land, cars, personal items, and the list goes on. 

Definition of value


Many of the things we buy can be estimated at a certain price.  Have you ever seen Antique Road Show?  On this show, people line up for a person, who is considered to be an expert at valuing the price of an item, estimated the value their item.  These people are hoping that the item they are holding is worth millions.  Some of the things have been in their family for years.  It was treasured and protected from damage because of its perceived value.


But to their disappointment, after standing in line for hours, their item is only worth a few dollars. They walk away with their heads down because many dreams were based on the value of that item.


An education, unlike some things we consider valuable, keeps getting more and more valuable with time and use. No matter what the subject, your education is valuable because it builds on your knowledge base.  We grow by building on the knowledge we already have.


It is especially important what you learn is accurate.  It is very disappointing to realize that you have made decisions based on bad information.

Virtual Millionaire Club

With The Virtual Millionaire Club, we are learning some solid business principles that apply to life and business.  Even though we can make money, money is not the primary thing.  If you learn solid skills and apply them to business, you will start to see success business and other areas of your life.


I would like to encourage you to invest your money into an education. The Virtual Millionaire Club is an excellent place to begin and you don’t have to stand in line to know its value!

Click Here and Join The Virtual Millionaire Now!


Jacqueline Edwards

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