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Welcome to GueitsGlobalNetwork- Gateways to Financial Freedom!I

is your search for an online business “stuck”? Mine was too until I made the decision that I would find not just one, but multiple Gateways to my Financial Freedom.  I began looking for turn key programs with low entry and maintenance fees and kept an open mind for everything that would appeal to the masses with excellent pay plans and professionally designed systems and support.

IBOTOOLBOX: The #1 Business Building Social Network
My first break came when I was introduced to IBOtoolbox/IBOsocial and began to learn about writing blogs and branding myself and my opportunities. This was a new world and I needed a home that would help me take the first baby steps so that I could go to the next levels. Through the excellent training offered at IBOtoolbox I was soon working myself around the site and making new friendships. Join Us Here:

In my relentless search for Gateways to online success I have found the niche programs that were truly meant for me and my brand entrepreneurship . Anyone of these can be your gateway to financial freedom. I have found throughout my life that diversification is the key and so I have always been open to building wealth through diversification. After joining Markethive, together with IBOtoolbox,  I have secured exposure to thousands of eyeballs daily in what can be considered among the top marketing platforms for online marketers.

MARKETHIVE: A Powerful Marketing Platform

This is the most comprehensive marketing platform I have ever been involved in and the best part is that it is absolutely free and built using block chain technology and pays for participation with its own proprietary crypto coins. Markethive being the complete ecosystem built on the Blockchain, with its own Crypto Exchange, the Vault, mining hives, (in development), Markethive Cryptocurrency Coin (MHV), and products for sustainability will provide you with universal income with ease of liquidity to use that income. 

Example of one of your incredible powerful platforms called the Blog Platform:

ONPASSIVE (GO FOUNDERS): A Revolutionary System That Pays Passive Income For LIfe.

ONPASSIVE innovates business activities by allowing companies to employ partial automation to end-to-end automation all in a single platform. The tools help business owners to enhance productivity and provide accuracy and precision by reducing your efforts. Benefit the future rich platform – ONPASSIVE and take your business to the next level. I have set up a page in the Markethive platform to also market ONPASSIVE. You can visit here 

Cryptocurrency: a new reality

As Fiat currencies continue to loose value Cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin  has become one of the largest emerging global trends in recent years, its decentralized systems through blockchain technology has become a true alternative to Fiat currency dominance in today's world creating a new generation of entrepreneurs in this medium which promises to make many who are taking the plunge financially free. Learn More by Visiting My Cryptocurrency Facebook Page Here:

Multi Media Marketing:  a growing technology

The vehicle that is creating many millionaires as technology continues to be developed expanding ease and speed of commerce around the world. Look into my Social Media Marketing educational and affiliate programs here: , , and

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