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Published on 8/1/2020 additional information available

The Magic of Goal Setting

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Do you remember when you first started to explore building an online business? Maybe it was Multi-level Networking or direct sales. Maybe it was affiliate marketing (selling someone else's product) or ecommerce. It might even have been forex or even bitcoin (now that it has been around awhile). Do you remember how exciting it was? You were going to kill it. You were going to hustle till you got it done. You followed all the trends and the latest tactics to market whatever it is you found to market. How did you do? Be Honest. Did you kill it? Or is it still a struggle? Maybe you even did alright for awhile and then it stopped and it became hard. You felt like quitting. We all experience this. Those that win, never quit. 

Let's talk a minute about those that bounce from one thing to next new thing to the next pre-launch and latest "done for you" program. I hope that is not you, because that is garbage. Going to next and the next and the next, will never bring a win to you financially or in life. 

I have been fortunate enough to not have done this. Because of my mentor, I have stuck with one train of thought and one plan from the get go. Has it been easy or overnight? Nope! I was fortunate to find a true winner and work through learning and mastering strategy that works every time. 

In light of this and in light that the online industry out there is filled with junk teaching and lackluster programs (note: there are still a few good ones). I want to share with you a snippet from my 30 Days to Success program. It contains all those real strategy lessons I have learned that has made me a Success Builder.

Watch the video and if it resonates with you, intrigues you, or inspires you, use this link or the more info link to discover that there just might be more to learn to be successful

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