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Published on 3/23/2020 additional information available


Welcome to the first 

Market Network, built upon the block chain with the combined power of LinkedIn, Marketo, and Amazon.

  • Secure Newsfeed

    Share your updates globally, locally, friends or as directed. Filter your Newsfeed according to your specifics.

  • Infinity Airdrop

    Every new membership receives a valuable set of coins to begin their membership in the Hive. Coin can be earned daily.

  • Social CRM

    Publish out to your social networks from Markethive’s blog casting platform. Members can subscribe to each other's blogs.

  • Global Profile

    Publish your updates, resume, bio, blogs, back links, videos and images to whomever you set your privileges to.

  • Auto Responders

    Set up auto responders and broadcast to your friends, associates and leads with a guaranteed inbox delivery above 97%.

  • State of the Art Funnels

    New tech funnels combined with integrated landing store fronts deliver leads and integration 100 times more effective.

  • Store Fronts

    Build custom groups store fronts as landing pages, shopping systems, recruiting platforms and Points of Sale.                                                                                                                                                          

    Learn More                                                                                                                                                Markethive is without question, very unique in today's world of Social and Entrepreneurial marketing / management programs. Building upon over 20 years of direct & online advertising and "inbound" social contacts, and lead generation, that offers an innovative approach to the very important process of customer & lead acquisition. Markethive has built an ecosystem that's worth over $2000/mo for free. Markethive is more than your average CRM platform, Markethive gives you an unbelievable wealth of tools and apps that here to now, had to be obtained from several different business sites and often at high monthly subscription cost.

    What I Like

    The key to my positive attitude concerning Markethive is that for over 20 years I have been a member of the successful development of the company and opportunity we now know as Markethive. In the mid 1990s an earlier version of Markethive was the first to focus on the importance of "inbound marketing, " the process whereby individuals or leads are obtained because they have a personal interest in what you are offering. In other words, inbound leads/social contacts are individuals that are actively searching for what you are offering.

    Markethive is the Master of inbound marketing. Designed and developed by it's CEO Thomas Prendergast. It was the result of Mr Prendergast's understanding ( in the mid 1990s ) that outbound marketing was minimally effective, and that email blasts to unsolicited individuals was wrong in so many ways, ( spam complaints, bogus emails, getting your emails banned... , etc. ).

    What I like about Markethive is that it has taken the concept of "inbound marketing" and combined that with proven and effective tools to gives any Social Media or Entrepreneur an ecosystem that increases their potential to achieve their personal goals for success and prosperity exponentially.

    With the Markethive ecosystem, you have over 97% email success rate ( to the inbox ). And that's because of the relationship you have with your customers/leads and how they were acquired, Remember with Markethive, your contacts and leads are interested in what you are promoting or selling. That is one of the wonderful aspects of the Markethive ecosystem.

    Markethive is open and transparent. With so many internet business on the internet today, contacting support or management is often an extremely frustrating endeavor. With Markethive, account and or technical issues are responded too, often within minutes by clicking the "support link".

    To stay abreast of Markethive development, business and profits sharing opportunities, there are Sunday "state of Markethive" live events. And, soon a live weekly streamed discussion of past, current and future Markethive achievements and goals. These are informative events that are not to be missed.

    Markethive is not just your everyday internet application. It is cutting edge technology in every respect. It is built on a foundation of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligent (AI), making it secure and responsive. Markethive is always moving forward with SaaS, universal income opportunities, banner programs, investment opportunities, blogging platforms, marketing campaign apps, storefronts, group interests, messaging, email system, the vault, well, there's a lot more.

    Of course, being built on the blockchain, Markethive has a crypto-coin, the MHV. It is not mined but, airdrop to new free members ( up to 500 coins ) and soon to be available for purchase on exchanges.

    One more very important foundational attribute of Markethive that I like, is the security of your data and the fact that you, not Markethive controls your privacy. There is no banning, shadow banning, censorship, markethive does not track you, like many prominent social media and business platforms do. Your data is yours to control, allowing you to completely delete your data, all of it, gone, if that's what you want.

    One very important aspect of Markethive that I like, is the fact that as of this writing Markethive is in beta and has achieved all of it's "white paper" goals as planned and continues to stay on target. It has revenue coming from it's upgrade program and investment option ( ILP ) even though it has not initiated any publicly announced ( massive ) ICO or fundraising program as of this writing. And, even though Markethive is in beta, it is functional now, ( unlike many blockchain and crypto base business, that raised millions, even billions of dollar but, still as of today have not built a functioning business platform to support their crypto coin, making their coins subject to speculation. The point being, many companies have made promises in their "white papers" but, have not fulfilled those promises. Markethive has kept its promises and continues to do so, with an ecosystem/platform that is operational, right now and with a coin that functions as a utility, subject to consumer usage and demand ( a consumer coin ).

    What I Dislike

    What do I dislike about Markethive? Well, I can say that I have been with Markethive long enough to have seen the ups and downs that it has faced to reach its current stage of development. And, because of the over 20 years of involvement and the last 5 years or so, as Markethive, the one thing I might note, that maybe a problem for some, but, not a problem for me. It is that for many new to the Markethive platform, is the learning curve. There seem to be an issue, that's common to new and cutting edge systems. Nevertheless this issue has been resolved with very effective tutorial videos and instructions provided by Markethive ( by simply clicking on the Tutorial link the newcomer can get up to speed very quickly.

    Final Verdict

    Because Markethive is an ecosystem with the tools and applications, that allow anyone to build, organize and expand any social media or marketing business into a network of like minded individuals or businesses, it is a one of a kind in the emerging world of blockchain, encryption, digital assets and artificial Intelligence ( AI ).

    It must be noted that those individuals that have joined the Markethive family are highly excited and encouraged by what Markethive is offering, the investment opportunities, the relationships that are being formed and many more business options that are being planned and some in development as of this review.

    With so many complaints today about the farming and monetization of personal data, Markethive allows anyone to take control of personal data, data security and privacy. All The Best,

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