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Published on 2/21/2020 additional information available

[Lesson] #43 - What niche should I get into?

One of the most common questions new marketers ask is what niche should I get into?

Most guides you see online will ask you to turn your interest/hobby into a business.

That advice may be right, but there are two problems.

1) Your interest may not be an easily profitable niche.
2) Your interest may change.

I'd say...

Forget about your interest.

You should do business in a niche that is easy to find customers. Not just customers but customers who can refer more customers to you.

Instead of focusing on your interest, find a niche where you can put your natural ability or aptitude into good use.

Interest may change, but your natural ability is not likely to change.

For example, I like to create things since young. That's my natural ability.

After I got into online marketing, I learned programming, which allowed me to create different tools and systems for the home business niche.

I know a successful affiliate marketer who also likes to create things like me.

But his way of using his ability is to create different innovative marketing campaigns and copywriting strategies to generate more affiliate sales.

Same natural ability but different skill sets result in different ways to make money online.

Different people have different natural ability.

Some people are naturally a star. They like to be in the limelight. For them, they can run a webinar business, become a public speaker etc.

Some people are a natural deal maker. They may enjoy striking deals with manufacturers and selling things on Amazon.

There are too many ways to make money online. If you have tried some and still haven't achieved the success that you want, that's because you have not found one that matches your natural ability, or you haven't found the right niche that can let you use your natural ability to make money easily. To your success, Kenneth

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