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Published on 3/26/2020 additional information available

[Lesson] #52 - How to make people think you are knowledgeable?

Many people think I'm knowledgeable. Honestly I am not.

Today I will share with you a little trick that I use to make people think that I'm knowledgeable.

The trick is to divert the conversation to a topic that you are good at.

To make this trick work, you must first be good in certain topic.

For me, I like to read about success philosophy, business success and biographies of successful people.

So if I want to impress people, I'll divert the conversation to one of these topics.

For example, once I was having dinner with my wife's colleagues, who were the top management of the company.

I had no corporate experience in my life.

So the topic that they were discussing were beyond me.

Then one of them said that something happened in the morning had ruined his mood for the whole day.

I caught that opportunity and talked about an anger management strategy, which I have shared with you in previous lesson.

They liked the idea, and I continued to lead the discussion to other areas of personal development.

After the gathering, one of them told my wife that I know a lot of things.

Do I?

Not really.

I've simply channeled the discussion to an area that I know better.
To your success, Kenneth I have been an active member with Leads Leap for almost two years.
Without doubt, I have under utilized the power I have at my fingertips with my Leads Leap membership.
If you have recently joined or are thinking of joining, take my advice.
Do not second guess a decision to join Leads Leap. Just do it.
If your budget allows then join as a professional member.
The value of benefits far outweighs the monetary cost for pro-membership.
Once you join (either FREE or paid pro-member) – ‘get in and get dirty’ with the features on offer.
You will learn as you go.
I can vouch for the ethics of the man behind Leads Leap, Kenneth Koh.
When I needed a helping hand up at a time when I was low – Kenneth reached down to assist when others did not and I gained instant respect for the man.
Again, you can trust me as someone who is perhaps two years further down the same path you might be about to step.
Leads Leap is a MUST HAVE in your internet business tools of trade. All the best!

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