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Published on 5/27/2020 additional information available

[Lesson] #63 - How he cured stage 4 cancer

An old friend of mine got stage 4 cancer.

You may ask, what stage is stage 4?

It's the last stage!

But that was 5 years ago.

Recently we had a chance to meet up, and I took the opportunity to find out how he 'cured' cancer.

The answer was interesting and reinforced my believe that our body is self healing.

Let me keep you in suspense first.

I'll first tell you a bit more about what he had done initially.

Like most people, the first thing he did was chemotherapy.

His doctor painted him a very hopeful picture that he could be cured, and told him not to read anything about cancer and just trust the doctor.

After one cycle of chemotherapy, his doctor announced that the treatment had failed and he only had at most 2 months of life.

His hope vanished.

He started to read up about cancer and found a book written by someone who cured cancer by meditation.

He read the book and practiced meditation for 4 hours a day.

At the same time, he agreed to go for another cycle of chemotherapy, and this time, a more intense one.

The second cycle of chemotherapy had successfully killed the cancer cells.

But that didn't mean there would be no recurrence.

Recurrence can happen in weeks, months or years.

Throughout the process of the second cycle and after then, he meditated 4 hours a day.

And he did that for 2 years.

5 years have passed. He is now living a normal life.

While doctors might say it was the second cycle of chemotherapy that had cured him, both he and I believe that it was meditation that had done the wonder.
To your success, Kenneth

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