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Published on 2/27/2020 additional information available

[Lesson] #45 - A deeper understanding of how ideas come about..

In the previous issues, we talked about the subconscious mind and law of attraction. But we haven't talked about the Infinite Intelligence.

The idea of Infinite Intelligence is a little abstract.

Imagine there is a source that knows all.

When you have an intention to do something, the Infinite Intelligence will automatically help you to realize it by feeding you with ideas and attracting you to thing, people and events necessary for your ideas to be executed, through the law of attraction.

I know that sounds religious, but that's what I've learnt and believed in when I was a poor fresh graduate searching for success, and it has led me to where I am today.

I'm a free-thinker. What I've said has nothing to do with any religious teaching.

When we have an idea to do something, that idea comes from the Infinite Intelligence. As we complete one idea and learn the lesson, the next idea will be given.

This is how the Infinite Intelligence communicates with us to help us achieve what we want.

What you need to do is to take action on those ideas.

Some of you may say,

"I have lots of ideas everyday. I can't possibly take action on all of them."

That's true.

What you need to understand is that ideas and opportunities are given to you based on what you've impressed upon your subconscious mind previously.

There is a delay effect, just like ordering pizza.

When your goal is unclear, you tend to send mixed messages to your subconscious mind.

It's like ordering a Hawaiian pizza an hour ago, a cheese pizza 10 minutes later, and then a BBQ chicken later on. By the time Hawaiian pizza is delivered, you may have forgotten that you asked for it. You may wonder why you get a Hawaiian pizza when what you want is BBQ chicken.

See the analogy?

In the end, you are overwhelmed with pizzas, just like you being overwhelmed with ideas.

If you are overwhelmed with ideas, you will have to exercise your wisdom to decide which one will lead you to your ultimate goal.

The good news is, as your goal becomes clearer and clearer, the 'noisy' ideas will be lesser and lesser.

That's when you make lesser and lesser mistake and every action you take effectively and efficiently move you closer to your goal.

In a nutshell, the reason why we have lots of ideas is because we are not sure what we want. If we are very clear of our goal, the ideas given to us will be very streamlined.

To sort out the many ideas we have, we can ask ourselves, "Will this idea bring me closer to my ultimate goal?" If you feel that the answer is yes, just do it.
 To your success, Kenneth

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