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Published on 9/12/2019 additional information available

Writing a News Release

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Orangeville, ON (James Doan). Your marketing strategy is vital to the success of your business. It might involve a mix of emails, social media, advertising, and other tactics. One mention in the press can multiply all those efforts tenfold. It can send a surge of new customers your way, and even take your business to the next level. 

While a press release doesn’t guarantee coverage, it can be an effective marketing tool. Send out releases with a regular cadence. You will start to build up brand recognition with members of the media. 

You have only one chance to hook the reader with the title. If you do not, they will not read any further. One glance at the headline is how they preview the release. Compose your title to slow their glance enough to invite them to read the first paragraph.

The first sentence must grab. Rework that first sentence until the first few words or even first word pulls the reader in.

The first paragraph is important. If they read that far – it is what draws them into the story. Write your first paragraph so that if they print only one paragraph – it would be your first one. Write it to contain your most important message. You are not writing a mystery novel – don’t keep them guessing.

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About the Author
James is currently a Locksmith at Harold Doan and Sons Ltd. A graduate of the University of Waterloo, he has been a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario since 1982 (Now designated Retired). His background training was in Chemical Engineering, and he later gained experience in retail sales and marketing. He has been active in the Locksmith trade since 1985 .(Click here to visit his blog.) 

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