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Published on 2/26/2014 additional information available

Strike while the iron is hot !

What to do about starting an online business !

Based on my short period as an online e-commerce business owner I would like to share some of my experiences and thoughts.

Firstly it is important to be on the lookout for a business opportunity. Perhaps you have a friend or relative who is already an Internet Business Owner. Maybe you want something different, something to which you can relate. So look around ...

Secondly you need to be in the right place at the right time to find that ideal match of the product and what is required of you. Some people are OK with coffee, some are interested in blogging, some just want a cash reward. Trawl through YouTube, search using or Google. Be imaginative with your search questions!

Once you have found a couple of options and before diving straight in and signing up, it is best to investigate the details and the structure of the business. IBOtoolbox is clearly a good and safe place to start. Read the blogs put out by BOtoolbox Business Owners. Look at the main company website. Watch the company videos. Look to see if there are any YouTube videos. Make contact with the company. Even make contact with one (or more) of the business members. Do you homework before committing.

Next find out the charges and costs involved. Is registration free? Will there be a monthly or quarterly charge? Do I need to buy or move a minimum of product? Are there any one off cost options? Is there a quota to fulfil? Where does my money go? Is any cost involved reasonable and fixed? When do I get my money and how am I paid? Do I understand the product? How much time will I have to commit? What am I prepared to spend by way of cash or time? Can I select my sponsor? Again IBOtoolbox will allow you to search for all those individuals involved in any one business. Check them out !!

OK there are a lot of questions above. Some will be easy to answer. Some you might be tempted to skim over. Remember any error of judgement will be down to you. The only person that you might need to blame is yourself. Ask questions. Take advise. Think through your next step and the next step and the next step !

And finally - once you have decided, the only thing left to do is to sign up, to register, to join the company, to become part of the team. All the best with your endevour!!

Most of us will have our favourite industry, or product with which we would like to be associated. Some even have more than one business and so have the best of both worlds. As one business does well maybe the other is in the doldrums !

For my part, I would suggest you look at Karatbars International. Use referral link for more information.

Till next time - Go IBO !

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