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Published on 2/28/2014 additional information available

Exchange paper money for real Money !

# 1 gram
# 2.5 gram
# 5 gram
# Karatbars
# do not be alarmed

Hello There,

Exchange paper money for real Money !

While the value of the money in your pocket is declining, the value of Gold has increased.

Or to put that fact in different words.
The money in your pocket will always be worth less tomorrow than it was today. The money in your pocket will always buy you less next year than it does today. The money in your pocket is built on sand !
The only thing that keep money above water is the production of debt and the printing of money. The economy of at least one country in the world survives on both of these financial mechanisms.

But do NOT be alarmed ! There is a solution.

The solution is to buy Gold with your cash and beat the disaster scenarios.

Gold, over the medium and long term, holds its value. Gold is where wealthy people and investors go to have medium and long term financial security. The problem here is that Gold is generally bought in large value bars. So how do you acquire quality Gold in small amounts and at affordable prices.

Karatbars International allows you to do just that. No need to buy an ounce of Gold at a time - currently priced in excess of 956 euros. There is no sense in buying a 1 kilo bar which will set you back around 31,000 euros.

Karatbars International has 1 gram, 2.5 gram and 5 gram 24 karat Gold bars available with a purity of 999.9 and all at affordable prices.

The 1 gram card is currently less than 50 euros and the 2.5 gram card is currently available at less than 110 euros.
The 5 gram card is currently priced at just under 194 euros.

The 5 gram card is therefore the most economic way to buy Gold being priced at under 38.80 euros per gram (as against just less than 50 euros for the 1 gram card).

To start saving the value in your pocket go to --> My Karatbars Shop, click on the 'Karatbars GoldCard' button and then click on the 'Classic GoldCards' tab and make your selection. Follow through to the checkout and 'Click to Register' when requested. Complete registration and at checkout select 'Storage' (recommended) and 'Credit Card'. The rest is as normal.

Welcome to the new economy ! 

Message me if you have any questions.

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