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Published on 3/14/2014 additional information available

Exchange paper money for Real Money

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Exchange paper money for Real Money

Paper Money ?
What's wrong with paper money ?
* Loosing Value (via Inflation)
* Based on Financial Assets and Bank Issued Credit 
* Subject to government monetary policy
* All paper currencies are affected by trade balances !

So What is Real Money ?
* Real Money is Gold.

Why Should I Exchange paper money for Gold ?
* to Take Back Some Measure of Monetary Policy
* to Minimise any Devaluation of Your Currency
* because the Economy that Matters Most... is the One in Your Own Home.

What Gold are You Offering ?
* 999.9 currency grade 24 karat Gold (the Best)
* supplied in affordable sizes for everyone
* available in 1 gram, 2.5 gram and 5 gram bars
* supplied in 'credit card' sized cards
* the cards are each unique and printed with full certification
* fully portable
* can be exchanged for products and services
* only supplied from LBMA certified refineries.

From Where Do I Get my Real Money ?
Via the Karatbars International website
And what about the company ?
* in existence for four years
* has 120,000+ customers and affiliates in over 116 countries
* has zero debt
* only involved in the refining and distribution of Gold
* based in Germany.

Why Should I Want to Buy Gold ?
* as a Gift to your children or the grandchildren
* as a Secure Hedge against Inflation
* to Maintain your Purchasing Power
* to Take Control of Your Own Wealth
* at the Moment the Price is Near a Low Point
* recognisable as Currency Across the Globe.

And What Else is in This For Me ?
What to Acquire Gold for FREE ?
* Then Consider the Advantages of Becoming an Affiliate
* Build Your Own Team and Earn
* Earn with No Limit, No Loss of Any Units given on Turnover
* No Monthly Charges or Fees
* Upgrade Whenever You Wish.

What Do I Do Now ?
Register as a Customer or as an Affiliate
Click here
* Buy Gold As and When You Wish (No Minimums)
*Build a Team and In 6 months or Sooner Exceed Your Expectations.

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