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Go Founders / ONPASSIVE

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Where can you find :
Video Conferencing, Video Marketing, a Website Builder, Domain Name Service, Contact Manager, Virtual Private Network,
Liquid Hosting, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, a Crowdfunding platform, a Residual Income for Life and more, all inside one marketing and productivity platform ?
The only place is inside ONPASSIVE .....
And .....
Register NOW before the WorldWide Launch.
For a Founder position fund $97/$149
And on launch day pay $25 one-time out of pocket.
Or Option Two: Register NOW, pay nothing and I will pif you in asap after launch!
Your choice!
ONPASSIVE - The Only Business Model That Makes Sense In Saving Your Global Economy in 2020 and Beyond!

We Share Abundance

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We Share Abundance launched on 1st March 2020 and members are already making the easiest money of their lives.....
With We Share Abundance YOU too and EVERYONE YOU KNOW can make money every day. WOW!
All you do is log in daily, read a couple of messages and you make money; best of all, it's FREE to earn and takes less than 5 minutes a day!
We Share Abundance is on a MISSION - it's not just a platform, an ad site, a messaging system or a biz opp - it's all of these but more importantly a mission to share abundance worldwide.

Karatbars International

Bronze Reseller
What is Karatbars ?
Karatbars is a unique business in the arena of Gold Distribution.
Gold Distribution was the original purpose of Karatbars. And Gold Distribution still is the primary objective of Karatbars.
Advantages of Gold
Gold has always been a safe haven for value.
Over the centuries Gold has maintained the buying power for the holder.
And will do so for decades to come!

Crypto Zilla

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Crypto Zilla offers passive income For everyone at very favourable and flexible terms of participation. Depending on the amount of your deposit and the term of the selected investment period, you will receive a guaranteed income the next day.
Crypto Zilla is a tight-knit group of true enthusiasts of investment business and private finance management: experienced traders at cryptocurrency and traditional Forex exchanges, specialists in the initial token offering, venture specialists, as well as a large intellectual and analytical department with modern economic technologies. Having combined the accumulated financial experience, Crypto Zilla created a truly convenient and safe space, where any user can easily invest and earn, regardless of their experience in investments.
As of 11th May 2020 Crypto Zilla has been online for 67 days.