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Published on 9/11/2019 additional information available

How to help cats cut their nails?

#cat nail clippers

If your cat doesn't go to the pet shop often, then you should pay attention to the regular cut of the cat's nails. The cat is not the same as the dog. You are afraid of him when you lick him. When he arrived, he didn't even recognize the owner. So what are the tricks for cutting nails for cats? What do I need to prepare in advance?

If the cat's nails are too long, it will not only slip, but also bacteria. If the nail is too long, it will puncture into the wall of the foot, causing inflammation of the toes or broken nails, causing pain in walking. Therefore, it is necessary to cut nails for pet cats on a regular basis, especially indoor cats. Because of the lack of walking, the nails tend to be longer.

Before you cut your cat's nails, you need to prepare: a special cat nail clipper, disinfectant, cotton wool, hemostatic agent, large cotton cloth, Elizabeth ring, nail file.

The specific operation method is as follows:

1. Put the cat on the thigh and gently stroke the head to make them quiet.

2. First put an Elizabeth ring on the cat to prevent emotional excitement.

3. Use a cotton cloth to surround the cat's three claws. So as not to catch the bite.

2. The angle between the pet nail clipper and the nail should be 45 degrees.

3. Pick up one of the feet and cut the long nails one by one with a special nail clipper.

4. Do not cut too close to the root of the meat (dark opaque), otherwise it will bleed.

5. If you accidentally bleed, you should immediately use the cotton wool and hemostatic agent to stop bleeding.

6. When the nails are cut, cut the soles of the feet and lay them flat with the pads. If they are too long, the pets will slip. If they are too short, the walls of the feet will be easily stabbed by hard objects.

7. After cutting the nails, rub the nails with your nails again.

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