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Published on 2/14/2020 additional information available

3 Best Hacks And Tips To Increase Valentine Sales

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Valentine a season of love can also be he perfect opportunity to get more revenue boost after a possible slow sales in January.

Below are some of the BEST hacks and tips to help you increase sales during this period. 
  1. Run Promotions - Valentine is a perfect excuse to offer discounts, free shipping, a gift with purchase, buy-two-get-one-free, etc. 

    Any of these will encourage your customers to make repeated purchases and attract new ones.

  2. Share tips & ideas - A lot of your customers might not know the perfect gifts to give loved ones.

     So, if you run an eCommerce or gift store, compile gift ideas they can purchase on your store or from your partners, make sure your partners earn credit when customers buy from them. 

  3. Win Some Love: Don’t just aim to sell, Use Valentine to win some love for your brand by giving away free products to increase brand awareness and affinity, by organizing a giveaway campaigns.
To maximize revenue during Valentine's season, ensure that your offers are time-based. 

This will also encourage buyers to take action within a limited time. 

DO NOT LIMIT your promotions only to Valentine’s Day only. 

You will get the best value by extending it by some days so additional sales can trickle in.

Social media and email newsletters are about the best platforms to promote your Valentine offers. 

An advanced tip is to use re-targeting (some may also call it re-marketing) campaign to target users that did not purchase an idea they already showed interest in (for example, for an eCommerce store, these are abandoned items in checkout that were not processed)

I hope you find this helpful.

 Have a great weekend of love!

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