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Published on 12/3/2019 additional information available

Products and Services Vs. Compensation

#My Money
# Online Business

Product and Services Vs. Compensation:  Is the amount of Money you are currently Earning, will it allow you to have Financial Freedom?   Define Financial Freedom? Debt Free, Monthly Residual Full Time Income.  In my journey as an Online Entrepreneur, I continue to Test Drive Online Business Opportunities for Financial Gain.  The reality I discovered is the Product and/or Services you are offering to your Audience.  It must present something of Value to gain Customers, and Retention.  Retention is to keep the Customers paying for your Product or Services.

Product and Service Information-  Who do you know that has an Email Address?  Almost everyone you know.(Email) is one of the most used method in Communication.  We can contact Millions of People through Email.  What if at the End of your Email, you had the Opportunity to create a Unique Email Signaturewhich continues to Promote any Product or Services you Offer?  It can be difficult for some to understand this concept, here is an Example of an Email Signature that everyone you send an email to will see: Example-Signature  This is very effective with any Business.

No Contracts, Easy Installation with Instructions, and YOU must Have this Now.

By the Way, it comes with a Built in Business(Worldwide).

How does it Work?  Once you sign up for your very own Email Signature you are already included in the Referral Program. When People Sign Up using your Referral Link, you get Paid. Here is the Compensation Plan: $9/Monthly for your Personal Signature(This is called a Subscription)

-You receive 30% of $9 for everyone using your Personal Referral Link.  (If you refer 10 People X $9@ 30% Referral Fee = $27/Monthly on Active Accounts.)

-If the People you Refer, Refer anyone using their Personal Link you receive 10% of their Subscription. 10% of $9 = $0.90 Cents per Subscription.

-10% Referral fee is Paid 4 Levels Down.


Please note the Income Figures in the example is  for Educational Purposes Only.  This Business Opportunity pays a Residual Income for Active Accounts using your Personal Link.  Your Personal Link is in your Back Office once you sign up.  We get paid 2 Times per Month the 1st and the 16th, after reaching a payment Threshold of $50.  Payment is through Paypal.  If you prefer a Paper Check, a $1 Fee is Charged.

Thank You


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