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Published on 5/3/2018 additional information available

DOFUS Dungeon, macro operation of the loot and items

#Dofus Touch Goultines

Dofus Touch GoultinesDofus mobile edition Dofus Touch available for iOS and Android devices, you can download the game for your smartphone for free. Now is a good time for gamers to join Dofus Touch, which is a brand-new game that rebuilt upon the PC version, added with many unique gameplay contents based on PC version. Due to the computing ability, the graphics and some dynamic effects are slimed by Developer Ankama, for a longer battery life. If you want to play Dofus but you are a student or white collarso you do not have sufficient time for playing Dofus on PC, you can try the Dofus Touch, but still do not borrow your time to play games from your study or work.

In DOFUS Dungeons rewards for improving the player's equipment will be paramount.

Without a craft to create pieces of equipment obtaining loots at the end of a fight is therefore one of the most important mechanics of the game. It becomes even a central element since there is no exchange nor trade forcing players to farm their stuff!

However this mechanism must be effective and pleasant not to frustrate the players and offer them a sense of evolution throughout their adventures. Several types of objects will be created to meet this expectation:

Shushu equipment

The number of equipment slot will be limited to 3 or 4 pieces per character: a weapon an amulet boots and a ring (the latter is not confirmed yet within the development team). This Shushu equipment will directly affect the character's appearance offering a myriad of different customizations. The weapons will change the base skin the amulet will materialize the soul of a Shushu the boots will change the shadow and the ring will offer a choice of colors.

To push this feeling of evolution Buy Dofus Touch Goultines few items will be available in game: 13 Shushu objects by mini-world. During their evolution the objects will see their characteristics increase and the graphic variant will be refined and more complete. here now... well done more cheap Dofus Touch Goultines from us! great!

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