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Published on 11/19/2019 additional information available

Going No Where Fast

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Welcome back to the online world! 

Nope, there's no welcome back party when you retire from a world that consumed most of every waking minute. Fact is leaving the online space for driving with uber was the only practical choice for someone like me. I worked as much or as little and ultimately got what I deserved, much like networking or affiliate marketing.

There's no welcome back needed, fact is most marketers never truly leave the dream of making money online or from some laptop from a remote island right? We all have bills and crap to pay so we do what we have to to cover our bottom line so not to be in the bottom. Driving for UBER or Lyft is an illusion of working for yourself, at the end of the day its got nothing on the residual and passive income potential that's enjoyed by many fortunate individuals who stuck with it and put the work in, and now others call them fortunate...LOL. 

Fact is building a team in any network marketing company is hard as nails, and for those who think otherwise are either gifted or lucky. Truth is those who make the big bucks invest in themselves as much if not more than do in advertising, or having the best online tools like click funnels, and such.

Another sad truth to be told and perhaps not so easily digested is as long as your side business is treated suchas one it will solely provide you with side type money. Hey I don't have all the answers, but who needs to, we just gotta be willing to come together on 1 easy enough opportunity to do that has the potential to deliver great results. I've been with this one company since 2014, and have passively made close to $6000. That's not a lot of money by no means, however its more than some people make online or in many network marketing companies. The greatest thing about this $10 a month company is not the site, nor their mediocre tools, but their compensation plan. 

The All In One Profits (AIOP) even up compensation plan is awesome in that you could literally start off like most network marketers that just get 2 people to join and as long as they're 2 are able to do the same as you, God forbid better, you have now successfully launched your first payline because now everyone of your referral's even signups form a new payline and this continues happening for as long as every referral keeps referring others to join their AIOP business. At $10 per referral each month, no one is quite getting rich, however the work load is at the very bare minimum unless you want to go above and beyond and continue building more payline by creating a team, and really go after having 100 paid members paying thei $10 per month (many not even referred by you but instead passed up to you). Sure its only $1000 per month, but keep in mind that that $1000 keeps coming and growing over time which if invested correctly can turn into a very nice nest egg in the future!

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